COVID-19: A Day in My Life

A Synthetron Conversation Hosted by Sustainability Institute 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an extraordinary disruption across all sectors of society; overturning many existing ways of being, doing and thinking. As a result, young people across the globe face a more uncertain and unpredictable future ahead. In order to navigate the way forward, it is crucial to understand the reality of voices on the ground by getting in touch with what young people are thinking, feeling and experiencing in these times. What are their fears, challenges, worries and anxieties for what’s ahead? What are their sources of joy, hope, learning and possibilities? 

Using Synthetron, an anonymous crowd-sourcing platform built for real-time, online dialogues, we facilitated conversations with two groups of youths a) Students and b) Working Adults, to better understand sentiments on the ground, and shape our collective response in this trying times.

The purpose of this conversation is three-fold —

  1. Grasp in-depth insights on how youths are feeling and thinking about the world they live in
  2. Understand emerging needs for youths as they navigate the post-pandemic future
  3. Engage youths as co-creators of their emerging future, while allowing them to feel heard and listened to

Through focused, engaging conversations such as these, we lend a voice to diverse youth perspectives and encourage them to play a part in shaping our collective response. 

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Should you like a Synthetron-moderated conversation for your team or organization, contact us to find out more.