Client Testimonials

Ministry of Education


“As the superintendent overseeing the professional development of Senior and Lead Teachers in our zone (90 schools with an estimated total 380 Senior and Lead Teachers), I affirm that Sequoia has made a marked difference in enhancing student learning and engagement by building the capacity of Senior and Lead teachers in applying the concepts, tools and methods learnt from the LEAD Programmes.

She is highly recommended to institutions and organizations who are considering engaging her services for organisation development and change management. Her passion to inspire and make a difference in an organization through its individuals is powerfully contagious. Ms Jacqueline Wong will be an asset to any institution or organization who engages her.”

Prime Minister’s Office

Minister (Retired)

“There was the passion behind the facilitation that sparked new life. While some of the older employees struggled in the first couple of sessions, even feeling the pain of change, they too came around. Jacqueline’s team drew out from the participants their thoughts, their suggestions. They did not impose. The basic question was: “What do you want the community to be in 5 years’ time?” Over 2 years, we developed a new Vision for the People’s Association, and the Community 2015 Master Plan for the grassroots. Today the People’s Association is moving back to its original mission, operating in a new environment.

Just as Sequoia helped to transform the NTUC and PA, I am sure it will help transform any organization seeking to change, to stay relevant.”

Large NGO

Senior Leader

“Jacqueline is knowledgeable, passionate and has continuously kept pace with our core values and goals, so that her training content remains customized and relevant. Her personable delivery method makes her an effective trainer and mentor to our participants. The strength of her OD programme lies in the practicums that go a long way to ensure transfer of learning, so that our OD graduates are able to apply their OD skills immediately upon completion.”

Institute of Higher Learning

Principal & CEO

“Jacqueline and her team proposed effective frameworks, languages and templates which resonated with staff at all levels of the organisation. The staff were able to reflect on their individual deeper inner purpose, to share and listen to their colleagues, and eventually align around a vision which they co-created.

Jacqueline engages people at all levels, with language and examples appropriate to their background. Her energy and sincerity instills trust and openness. I have seen Jacqueline's effectiveness with battle-hardened union and business leaders who are comfortable with grass-root language and norms, as well as young, polished EDB officers who speak the global business management language.”

Acute Care Hospital

Chief Executive Officer

“Strategic use of storytelling, use of short video clips, humour and lots of useful practical tools to maintain our interest and energy level are clear demonstrations of her skills as a facilitator and teacher…

… Jacqueline's great people skill, detail preparations, very astute reading of the participants' feelings, mood and the ability to bring us together on our common values, beliefs, achievements and vision were key critical success factors.”

Tech Transfer Company

Chief Executive Officer

“As a testimonial to Jacqueline and her team of trainers, in the teaching of the organisational learning frameworks, I would say her competency, experience & confidence radiates prominently. She is flexible & sensitive to the needs of the class and can be relied upon to make a definite impact. The Sequoia team under Jacqueline is now delivering a 2nd run of the programme for us with the aim to deploy this through the rank & file of the organisation. She comes highly recommended for any entity who wishes to embark on Organisation Development.”