Organisational Learning & Community Development

How do we nurture Learning Organisations and grow enduring Communities as spaces of transformative connections and positive change? 

Organisations must embrace a culture of continuous learning, share knowledge with one another, invest in the long term growth of its people, and create a safe and open space for generative conversations. Learning from both successes and failures enables organisations to adapt quickly to changes, and stay strong regardless of the climate.

We help to uplift the collective capacity of organisations to create their own futures through the Disciplines of a Learning Organisation (LO) (Source: Society of Organizational Learning).

Every organisation is also a growing community of people and they depend on networks of stakeholders to expand its impact. Only when people – both internal and external stakeholders – feel safe to grow and experience a shared sense of belonging, will they give their full commitment to an organisation’s purpose and vision.

We build communities through creative engagement methodologies such as the art of hosting, appreciative inquiry and other community building processes. With diverse initiatives and engagements in specific causes, we build a strength-based ecosystem of organisations, individual learners, adjunct coaches, facilitators and investors. Be part of this ecosystem and learn what it takes to propagate self-sustaining communities based on nature’s regenerative principles.

Our communities