Change & Stakeholder Engagement

How do we increase stakeholder OWNERSHIP & ACCEPTANCE for Effective Change?

Research and literature on change show that projects succeed because they had good technical solutions. However, 98% of change projects in organisations that fail also had good technical solutions!!

It turns out the effectiveness of the result from a change does not depend solely on the brilliance of the solution, but on another critical component – the degree of stakeholders’ acceptance. 

Because people commit to what they help create, knowing how to leverage the support of stakeholders around a change becomes the differentiating factor for the success or failure of a policy, strategy or plan.

With increasing complexity, answers for solutions often lie outside the organisation. By involving stakeholders as partners and collaborators, we achieve the win-win outcome needed for change effectiveness.

Contact Us to find out more about our suite of Change and Stakeholder Engagement Programmes, including our proprietary methodology, The Change Activist (TCATM) framework. It is a systematic suite of tools conducted through an action-learning format that equips your team with the know-how for leading change effectively, one that takes into account the human dimension of change.