Conifer: Sequoia Academy

Welcome to Conifer – Sequoia’s Academy!

Conifer is an actualisation of the Sequoia Story to help build sustainable long-term capacities in individuals, organisations and communities through online professional development. Our suite of capacity-building programmes is aimed at transferring Leadership & Organisation Development capabilities distilled from decades of practice in enabling transformational change at scale.

Why Conifer?

As a coniferous tree, Sequoia produces cones that bear its seeds. Though small, every cone contains the DNA that allows it to grow into the mighty redwood tree no less than its parent tree. Through Conifer, we pack high quality learning experiences in accessible and engaging online format with the belief that spreading the seeds of continuous learning is the best way to thrive in the long-term.

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Programmes and Events

Mindful Self-Compassion Course

We draw on the skills of mindfulness to develop the resources of self-compassion and enhance our capacity for emotional wellbeing. Participants will develop the capacity to contend with challenges and difficulties with practices directly applicable in daily life.

Design Thinking Learning Lab

We help organisations develop empathic sensibilities in its people in order to deliver
innovative and impactful solutions. We facilitate creative and collaborative processes that challenge organisations’ assumptions about the world they exist in and the world they desire to create. Using design thinking methods and tools, organisations learn how to explore, experiment, co-create strategies that help them compete in new ways, create new economic value and deliver customer delight.

Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership

Art of Hosting was born out of the need to relook at the way human beings connect with each other and approach complex problems. The concept is to shift from the frame of the leader as a “hero” to that of a leader as a “host”. It encompasses a range of facilitation methodologies to enable open and meaningful conversations.

COVID-19 Synthetron Conversation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an extraordinary disruption across all sectors of society; overturning many existing ways of being, doing and thinking. Using Synthetron, an anonymous crowd-sourcing platform built for real-time, online dialogues, we intend to facilitate conversations to better understand sentiments on the ground, and shape our collective response in this trying times

Centre for Positive Impact x Happiness Initiative

The Centre for Positive Impact (CPI) is delighted to support Happiness Initiative and the world’s first Happiness Film Festival in exploring different themes of happiness through films and post-screening dialogues. We use the Living O.D. approach to open up new horizons with like-minded people who are passionate about co-creating healthier workplaces and communities.

Appreciative Inquiry

Sequoia, continuing our partnership with MOE since 2001, is proud to present the inaugural AI programme customised for the professional development of educators, principals and teachers nationwide.