Our Purpose, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

Our purpose is to create organisations that are truly worthy of people’s commitment.

We help organisations and individuals to realise their fullest potential by transforming organisations into living and self-renewing entities that are worthy of people’s commitment.

Organisations that exist with a clear sense of purpose to improve the lives of people and communities they are a part of, also tend to have an inner drive to be excellent, ethical and engaging. They are in turn, sustained by employees, customers and investors who believe in their products, services or their cause.

We help organisations to discover their own enduring sense of purpose – the power of “why”, and to help unleash the collective capacity of their people to create the results that they care most about.

Our Vision

Engaged Organisations, Flourishing Communities

We aspire to transform workplaces and communities into flourishing ecosystems that enable people to thrive and live fulfilling, meaningful lives.

At Sequoia, we believe that an organisation’s vision is a living and dynamic picture of the desired future we seek to create.

At the heart of our vision is the generative metaphor of the Sequoia tree – a light and example of a living company (Source: The Living Company, Arie de Geus), one that is self-renewing, life-giving and evolving to meet the needs of changing times.

The Sequoia stands tall, proud and majestic, with plenty of diverging and converging underground roots keeping it stable and supported throughout the seasons.

Likewise, the purpose and core values are the roots of any organisation. Organisations that attend to the wellbeing and growth of their people at its core are more attractive to talents , and as a result, much more productive, profitable and sustainable.

Through our suite of Organisation Development solutions, we help client organisations build a strong foundation for a highly engaging culture, where leaders are committed to generating lasting positive impact for:

  • both internal and external stakeholders; and
  • the communities they serve

Our Core Values


We care for and respect the people and organisations who made the choice to work with us. We value our staff and clients as purposeful individuals whose visions we share.


We make conscious and affirmative choices to commit to our goals. Raising this awareness among our clients allows us to focus on the kinds of projects we undertake and the people we want to work with.


We make it a point to deliver our promises to our customers, suppliers, employees, and partners. With the power of promise, comes responsibility, integrity, professionalism, and dedication to the highest quality of work.


We believe that work is fueled by life and meaning in a community. Teamwork is our guiding principle for work fulfilment and we strive to help our clients build cohesive and strong communities in their own ecosystems.


We involve ourselves in the long-term consequences of our mission and we commit to nurturing our clients to persevere our work with them. Continuity also applies to our clients’ environmental and corporate accountabilities.