Transforming Through Change Acceptance (TCA) Programme

Sequoia’s Transforming through Change Acceptance (TCATM) programme is an action-learning methodology that equips change agents with a systematic approach to deal with the human side of change.

People commit to what they help create. Generating a high-quality solution (Q) is just as important as inducing change acceptance (A).

By involving stakeholders as partners and collaborators, we achieve the win-win outcome – high-quality solutions alongside increased ownership and change acceptance.

Structure of the programme:

The TCA Foundations programme is conducted as an action-learning workshop. Participants are encouraged to come in intact teams, with real-change projects on hand.

  • 3 days
  • Intact Teams (of 2 or more) or Individuals who are interested in learning how to facilitate and manage change acceptance
  • Change Leaders, Members or Facilitators

TCA Change Coach’s Certification Programme aims at equipping your internal practitioners as action-learning coaches to support teams in applying the TCA tools in future organisational change projects. Contact us for enquiries.

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