SynthetronTM – Crowdsourcing For Insightful Actions

SynthetronTM is an online crowdsourcing platform that is redefining the way organisations and communities engage their stakeholders. SYNTHETRONTM is a combination of 2 words; SYNTHESIS which stands for combining, TRON which stands for wisdom and ideas that emerge from a crowd. The revolutionary engagement tool enables participants to interact with one other from the comfort of their homes or offices, practice generative listening and share authentic opinions in a safe, anonymous environment. Sequoia believes strongly in the adage that people commit to what they help create as such we are partnering with SynthetronTM to enable our clients to coalesce the collective wisdom of their stakeholders and  collectivise commitment in the process.

Each SynthetronTM session can engage up to 1000 participants to anonymously generate, evaluate and identify top ideas. The raw data harvested in the hour-long conversation is methodically translated into actionable insights using smart algorithms, effectively enabling clarity, illumination for quick and decisive decision-making for our clients.

Speak to our Consultants to find out how you can redefine stakeholder engagement in your organisation or community using this powerful crowdsourcing tool.