“Only living systems are capable of learning.” Arie De Geus, The Living Company. A Learning Organisation is a place where people are committed to constantly enhancing their capacities to create the future they truly desire. We help organisations build capacities in the Five Disciplines of a Learning Organisation (LO), namely Personal Mastery, Shared Vision, Mental Models, Team Learning, and Systems Thinking.

We design and deliver comprehensive year-long programmes on organisational development, with organisational learning as the foundational building blocks. Attended by leaders, facilitators, as well as other human / organisation development professionals, these programmes require the support of a corporate sponsor who believes in the importance of investing in long-term capacities for deep change and collective learning.

Hence, a Learning Organisation is one that evolves naturally and has its own sense of identity. It is also capable of regenerating itself as an identifiable entity beyond its current form.

Source: Society of Organizational Learning

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