As customers, we all want to be understood and to feel confident that our purchase and investments will meet our needs. And often, we feel surprised and delighted when our experience with the product or service surpasses our expectations.

Therefore, a key capability that people in every organisation need to have regardless of their role, is to be able to empathise with our customers or end-users in such a way that they feel they are genuinely listened to and fully understood. With this understanding, we craft a bespoke solution that addresses both the identified and latent needs.

© Sequoia Group’s ExCITE Framework

Our ExCITE framework offers a model for enhancing the way we engage with customers, understanding their needs and context, and anticipating future needs. The impact measures for Customer Excellence are:

Positive experience Feedback from customers show that they have had positive experiences with our products and/or services.

Credibility Customers trust that we are competent and able to deliver quality products and/or services to a high standard.

Integrity We conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner. Our actions and decisions are always consistent with our values.

Tangible Value Our products and/or services have delivered the results that customers expect and value.

Empathy Customers feel that we genuinely care and understand their needs. They feel assured that we are able to see the world from their point-of-view.