“Innovation is the act of discovering new opportunities by looking beyond commonly held views by questioning rather than accepting the limitations that conventional wisdom imposes.” (Morris et al) Learning how to generate, execute and embed innovation that creates lasting customer value, delivers technical excellence and transforms the innovation culture of an organisation, is at the heart of Sequoia’s Innovation Management Framework.

Agile Innovation

We facilitate creative and collaborative processes that challenge organisations’assumptions about the world they exist in and the world they desire to create. Integrating Design Thinking and Creative Quotient methods and tools, we help organisations build capacity to explore, experiment and co-create strategies that help them compete in new ways, create new economic value and deliver customer delight.

Phases and Processes

Sequoia has created a comprehensive and holistic Innovation Methodology – 7i Innovation Management Framework – Intend, Inquire, Interpret, Ideate, Innovate,Improvise and Invest. The 7i framework is an action-learning methodology that teaches innovation teams how to build relationships with stakeholders, learn from unconventional places, collaborate and leverage differences to create new horizons for growth.

© Sequoia Group’s Innovation Framework

intend – Envision and name what will be done to achieve purpose. Map current reality to identify gaps and opportunities

inquire – Seek out people and places with the highest potential for learning. Step into these different perspectives and experiences and practice generative listening

interpret – Summarize and synthesize data gathered. Inform the group mind of key actionable insights gathered

ideate – Embrace limitations and constraints as a source of inspiration when generating possibilities.

innovate – Prototype and bring ideas alive.

improvise – Test to learn by engaging stakeholders.

invest – Allocate resources for implementation. Engage stakeholders in change acceptance.