Articles & Case Studies

Speech on “Living O.D.” at HRM Asia OD Congress, 2016

Living O.D. is a recognition that organisations are living systems and the goal of all living systems is to grow into its fullest potential and to flourish. O.D. is an enabler of this process.

Reappreciating Inquiry – Dragonfly Model to Strategic Planning

Explorations into the Magic of MacroManagement and Crowdsourcing.

Towards a Model for Engaged Governance: Citizen Conversations for a Particpatory Democracy

This article is a review of the Our Singapore Conversation (OSC), citizen engagement process that Singapore embarked on spanning over a year from 2012 to 2013. Click here to understand more.

Leading Change from Within

As a reflective writing from her journey as a OD practitioner, Jacqueline Wong shares her insights from Peter Block’s book “The Answer to How is Yes!”. The central message is about making the personal choice to commit, rather than waiting and hoping for the next “right thing” come along. Click here to understand more.

Appreciative Inquiry as a Covenant with Life

Much of appreciative living is to learn to let go of our mental expectations and truly accept things as they are. Inquiry is a relentless commitment to hear, see and understand the true nature of things, while appreciation is a covenant with life to know that there is something deeper and more unyielding than the impermanence […]

Building Communities

In order to understand what it takes to build sustainable communities, in the sense of communities with lasting cohesiveness, we will first have to understand what makes a community. Click here to understand more.

Leading for a Sustainable Future

What does it take for a future to be possible? I think the answer to that question lies in a few subtle shifts that will be required – in our focus of attention, our perception, and our quality of listening so that we are able to deal with an increasingly complex world. Click here to understand more.


A Message for Youth to cultivate Social-Emotional Intelligence, Energy Management, Development and Social Responsibility. Click here to understand more.