Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership

Art of Hosting was born out of the need to relook at the way human beings connect with each other and approach complex problems.

The concept is to shift from the frame of the leader as a “hero” to that of a leader as a “host” (Margaret Wheatley). It encompasses a range of facilitation methodologies that delivers the leader to:

  • Enable open and meaningful conversations
  • Maximise collective wisdom
  • Invite diverse viewpoints
  • Transform conflict into cooperation

Art of Hosting

These processes hinge on a fourfold practice of being present (pre-sensing), engaging in conversations (participating), hosting conversations (contributing) and becoming a community of practice (co-creating).

Structure of Programme

Conducted as a 3-day experiential learning programme, it covers the principles of:

  • process design
  • chaordic (chaotic and orderly) stepping stones
  • various dialogic methods of engagement
  • harvesting and visual recording

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