Education for Sustainability Foundations & Design Studio [Aug & Sept 2021]

Come August, the Sustainability Institute is hosting a series of upcoming programmes to champion the work of Education for Sustainability (EfS) here in Singapore. We are partnering with the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, which has been leading the work of embedding sustainability into curriculum from K-12 in the United States over the past two decades. 

What is Education for Sustainability (EfS)? Education for Sustainability (EfS) is defined as a transformative learning process that equips students, teachers, and school systems with the new knowledge, awareness and ways of thinking to achieve a truly sustainable future. Bringing a whole-systems approach to education, EfS attends to the individual learner, classroom environment, curriculum, learning institution, and wider community at large. You can download the detailed Cloud Institute framework here.

The Cloud Institute has also developed Standards, Performance Indicators and Assessment Guidelines for embedding EfS into curriculum, all without need for additional class time. [For more information on the movement, download the EfS Infographics PDF

Details of the Offerings: Registration has opened for our upcoming capacity-building programmes, namely the Foundations of EfS and 5-day Design Studio. You can sign up here: 

Foundations of EfS
EfS Design Studio
This two 1/2 day introductory session is meant to develop participants’ awareness, knowledge and enduring understanding of core concepts, content and habits of mind that characterize Education for Sustainability. 
This is a practical, hands-on design studio where educators and curriculum designers get to innovate, prototype and build curriculum and assessments designed to meet EfS standards and performance indicators – all without additional class time or add-ons. 
Target Audience: Parents, educators, school administrators, anyone interested in exploring what’s possible when we educate for sustainability 
Target Audience: Educators, curriculum specialists, program designers

Dates: 7th & 14th Aug (Sat), 9am-1pm

Dates: 6th-10th Sept (Mon-Fri), 9am-6pm

Individual – SGD $250
Organisation – SGD $600/ 3 pax
Individual – SGD $1,800 
Organisation – SGD $4,950/ 3 pax


Registration is open now, limited slots available! Sign up here!


[Download the EfS Foundations PDF and EfS Design Studio PDF