Appreciative Inquiry for Educators

Appreciative Inquiry (AI): Certificate Programme

Sequoia, continuing our partnership with MOE since 2001, is proud to present the inaugural AI programme customised for the professional development of educators, principals and teachers nationwide. Click here for programme details.

How did the AI Programme come about? In June 2018, the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) held the World Positive Education Accelerator (WPEA) at Fort Worth, Texas, bringing together a landmark collaboration between  Martin Seligman (pioneer of the Positive Education and Positive Psychology movement) and David Cooperrider (founder of Appreciative Inquiry). Building on this Pos Ed milestone, in July 2018, the Singapore Positive Education Network was launched by Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education.

Pos Ed enables every child to thrive, not just in terms of academic results but also in terms of character strengths and wellbeing. However, the successful implementation of Pos Ed in any school depends on the existence of a Positive Institutional Culture. The practice of Appreciative Inquiry is one of the ways to create the ideal condition for Pos Ed to flourish.

Programme Synopsis: Comprising of both coursework and fieldwork, this AI programme provides educators with in-depth and hands-on training to develop new capabilities such as applying AI methodologies to be more engaging and stimulate positive learning at the interpersonal as well as stakeholder student-teacher and organisational levels.
In this programme, participating educators who complete the foundations course (part I) and their field project (part II) will be eligible to attend the Capstone Module (part III) to receive a certificate jointly issued by the David Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry and the Sequoia Group.

Registration is now open until 15 February 2019. Register now!

[Download the AI Educators brochure PDF ]