Sustainability Institute

所谓,十年树木,百年树人  (Translation: As the saying goes, it takes ten years to cultivate a tree, and a hundred more to nurture and educate a person holistically.)  

Founded by Sequoia in January 2008, the Sustainability Institute is an actualisation of the Sequoia Story to help build sustainable long-term capacities for Positive Impact in educators and the educational system. Sustainability Institute connects the agenda of organisation development to sustainability. As the story goes, sequoia trees are nature’s reminder to provide sustaining structures that future generations can count on. It is also a systems thinking story about the importance of thinking long-term and caring for the consequences of our actions beyond the length of our own tenure.

Since 2008, we have been providing a comprehensive suite of capacity-building programmes tailored for individuals, organisations and the society leveraging on these innovative theories, tools and methodologies. Over the past two decades, methodologies and practices in strength-based approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry, Theory-U and organizational learning disciplines such as Systems Thinking have greatly enhanced the impact and effectiveness of sustainability efforts.

You will learn through our programmes that sustainability is beyond going green. It involves leading, learning and living in ways that are both sensible and innovative – socially, economically and environmentally.