Redwood Network: Building Brands

We provide Design and Brand consulting services to complement our primary work of community building and stakeholder engagement.

We believe good branding can do much more for the flourishing of the organization than to merely help the company to ‘sell’ better and bolster its financial health. The brand of an organisation is the clearest expression of its identity which tells a story of the purpose and the values that it stands for.

An authentic brand enables the organisation be ever-evolving to emerging needs while staying true to the core of what the organization was, is and continues to be. It helps that brand identity is visually and literally arresting as a common point to keep coming back to even in the midst of transformation.

A fundamental act of leadership is needed in the process of genuine branding. The brand of an organisation can be a tool for active adjustment of customers’ value perception and can influence the trajectory of entire economy. It is a form of advocacy towards a world that the organisation stands for and hopes to co-create. That is, the brand does not inspire confidence for sales and loyalty but invites into co-creative relationship with long term wellbeing for all. We can think of branding as an exercise in building long-term, deep and generative relationships with stakeholders.

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