Stakeholder and Customer Insights

Synthetron – Crowdsourcing for Insightful Actions

Synthetron offers an engagement and listening solution. It is a unique and efficient way to reach beyond surveys and interviews. You can engage many in a safe space and listen, pick up on their best insights and get the valuable answers to your important questions. Applications go from keeping the finger on the pulse in change, strategy alignment, HR reinforcement as well as citizen and stakeholder management.

In an efficient way, Synthetron engages 10-1000 participants for 1 hour online in written and anonymous dialogues from behind their PC. Under guidance of a moderator they share their answers to answers to 5-6 well drafted questions. Its evolutionary crowdsource algorithm assures the best ideas emerge in a very organic way based on participants evaluation. A typical discussion with 100 would generate around 1500 ideas and ranked the best 200 in order of importance

Applications of Synthetron include:

  • Employee Engagement: deep dive in survey results so to understand them and identify actions or replace surveys with EE+ Employee dialogues to identify the important levers for the team 
  • Review HR-policy:  I&D, performance, leadership: asses and understand scope for improvement
  • Culture change:  understand and co-create need for change, values, attitudes and behaviour shifts
  • Strategy:  understand stickiness pre-launch, understand alignment and improve implementation
  • Change: keep finger on the pulse during important change process, e,g, IT implementation, a reorganisation, a merger etc.
  • Interact: make your training and info sharing webinars interactive  

For more information on how the Synthetron platform works, please watch this short video

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