Team Effectiveness

Team 360

Personality-based self-assessments and introspection are often used as means to understand the team dynamics. However this approach falls short of measuring a team’s effectiveness and behaviours that actually make a difference.

Real World Group’s Engaging Team 360 feedback gathers a wide range of feedback to enable the teams as a collective to assess their behaviours and impact as a whole team,  based on contemporary understanding of how high performing teams operate.

Engaging Team 360 – for intact teams led by a Team Leader

Executive Team 360 – for Management teams / C-Suite to asses their Engaging Leadership Behaviours, Essential Governance Competencies and High Performing Team Behaviours

Board & Governance 360 – for the Board to assess their Governance competencies and Engaging Leadership and High Performing Team behaviours relevant to their role.

Sequoia Group is the exclusive distributor of this 360 feedback in Singapore. Contact Us to find out how we can help you build engaged, high performing teams at all levels in your organization.