Education for Life Framework

Sustainability Institute was set up to help play a part in the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. 

For many decades now, schools have been focused on developing students to be prepared for the workforce; placing emphasis on STEM education, rote learning, standardized tests and PISA scores. Due to the age of mass and rapid disruption, it has heralded a greater emphasis on individuals developing lifelong learning skills in order to prepare us for the future of work, placing an emphasis on voluntary, ongoing and self-initiated learning.

Despite this being a promising shift in the right direction, we continue to hear of stories and observe accounts of young people who are depressed, unmotivated, burdened by the pressures of academic excellence, lost, confused and uncertain about their purpose, calling and ambition in life.

How might we raise a generation of young people who are secure in their being, clear of their purpose and strengths, critical in their thinking and resilient in the face of failures as they navigate an increasingly VUCAH world?


Sustainability Institute has developed an Education for Life framework comprising the following areas – 

  • Live – What does it mean to live consciously from a place of deeper purpose, identity, meaning and joy? How do we live in a way that is attuned with self, others and ecology? 
  • Lead – How do we lead for resonance, service and lasting positive impact? 
  • Learn – What does it mean to engage in lifelong learning? How do we develop the capacities to meet life’s challenges and grow through setbacks and failures? 

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