Harvest, Curate, Inspire

Welcome to ProductStory – Sequoia Online Store!

In this e-store, we curate products and services that carry their own stories which inspire a life well lived. 

Realising the Sequoia Story

The Sequoia Story is incomplete without the work of its resident squirrels, which collect, cut and cache the seeds so they can grow and regenerate the forest. Likewise, we curate products and services that give us life. We know there are stories behind what we cherish the most so we harvest these meaningful stories for the enduring values that connect us all.

Professional Products

Accumulating over 2 decades of consulting experiences, we have curated a strong suite of tools for diagnosis and engagement in the following areas:

Professional Services

Wellbeing and personal growth are at the heart of living well. We curate coaching services and wellness programs to make it possible for everyone to live a healthy, grounded and flourishing life.

Inspiring Gifts

Life is a gift to be received and shared. We go upstream to honour the hands that create beautiful and inspiring work – reminding us to celebrate the good in life. Every purchase is a commitment to create last positive impact. 

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