Individual Development

Transformational Leadership Engaging Questionnaire (TLQ)


The TLQ is one of the most extensively researched leadership assessments in the world. Developed by Real World Group, this 360 feedback enables leaders to assess the degree to which they are engaging their team members, peers, boss and other stakeholders. 

This instrument enables leaders to illuminate blindspots in their leadership style. Coupled with Executive Coaching, leaders are able to focus shifts in their behaviours so as to align intention with impact. The leadership behaviors assessed by the TLQ are key to readiness for change, innovation, successful virtual teams and dealing with uncertainty. 

Bespoke 360 Feedback


With over 20 years of experience in Leadership and Organisation Development, Sequoia Group can help you design and deploy bespoke 360 Feedback to assess:

  • Organisational Leadership competencies
  • Impact of Learning and Development programmes

Case Study: Designing a 360 feedback to asses application and translation of a leadership progamme with leaders

Sequoia Group helped a client to design and deliver the Engaging Leadership Programme with a group of leaders in charge of various education centres in Singapore. To assess the effectiveness of the programme in augmenting their leadership impact, we developed a bespoke 360 feedback questionnaire.

Items in this questionnaire describes behaviours that can be expected when the learning from the programme is translated into action.

Dimensions of these engaging behaviours include:

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Building Shared Vision
  • Facilitating Team Learning and Reflection
  • Coaching and Developing individuals and Teams
  • Systems Thinking
Sequoia Group is the exclusive provider of TLQ in Singapore. Contact Us to find out how we can help you.