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Sequoia’s Transformational Leadership (STL) Framework is developed through distilling our years of Leadership solutions for our clients and the practices of profound thought leaders. Amidst complex, VUCAH times, this blend offers leaders the opportunity to realize their purpose and vision, achieve practical results, and employ a ground-up approach to leading their organisations with clarity and impact.

The STL Framework offers impact at three levels —

  • Service – Robert K. Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership brings the gift of discovering and defining one’s purpose; at a personal level, professional level, and organisational level. Sequoia Group has partnered with many client organisations in the fields of Education, Healthcare, SMEs, Public Service, Private Organisation’s to clarify and lead with thought leadership.
  • Culture & Impact – Resonant Leadership by Annie McKee and Richard E. Boyatzis brings the gift of a resonant culture in an organisation where honest caring, compassion, and courage prevails for both the task and the people involved. Sequoia Group facilitates small groups, large groups, and whole organisations towards building a culture that will uphold strategies, structures, and styles of leadership which will have a truly positive impact.
  • Engagement – Engaging Leadership Research done by Real World Group, UK, brings the gift of designing practical ways to lead individuals, lead the organisation, and lead the way forward for us to be agile and future-ready. Supported with evidence-based research, instruments, and  capacity building, we empower leaders to be able to engage their stakeholders internally, and externally.

Sequoia’s Transformational Leadership Framework attends to the wholeness of organisations and its people especially during difficult times, true to the adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

We aim to deliver to strengthen the triple pillars of:

  • Enhancing performance
  • Deepening engagement and relationships
  • Enabling organisational learning

If you are an organisation, team, or individual, looking for bespoke leadership solutions, do Contact Us for our suite of services ranging from training, facilitating, capacity building, and coaching, applying Sequoia’s Transformational Leadership (STL) Framework.