Sequoia Employee Engagement Framework

Engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give of their best, committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, and with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

From research that shows what fuels performance, an organisation that is highly engaging connects employees to a meaningful cause (purpose), enables them to perform at their best (mastery), and empowers them to do what they can (autonomy). (Source: Drive – The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us, Daniel Pink).

© Sequoia Group’s Employee Engagement (SEE) Framework

However, this must be supported by the structures of Accountability and Alignment. The policies, practices and processes must enable the organisation to manifest this intent. If it is weighed down by politics, silos and cumbersome bureaucracy, it will create a counter narrative to the vision and being of the organisation as a self-actualising, creative entity.

Our framework is built on the three key cornerstones of Engaged People, Engaged Stakeholders, and Engaged Organisation. The core values that must be embodied to enable the cornerstones are Care, Choice and Commitment respectively. Trust is therefore the lived experience of all who work and interact with such an entity – the essence of an organisation that is truly worthy of commitment.

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