Sustainability & Community Development

How do we contribute to the sustainability movement as an organisation and develop the community of support to realise its purpose? 

A shift is taking place. Organizations across the globe are awakening to the reality that green business practices can provide competitive advantages while simultaneously producing world benefit. Sequoia is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and citizen supporter of the Aim2Flourish initiative of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management – Case Western Reserve University. We believe the framework of Living OD is poised to help organizations live out their purpose for the long run on all scales – individual, organisational, societal and ecological. 

The root of our current crisis is a systemic disconnect and disintegration. We have forgotten what it means to live integrated as a whole system. At the same time, our reality is becoming more uncertain and complex, requiring more systems leadership than ever before.

Conversely, sustainability is a call to long-term wellbeing for all through living out our interconnectedness. We know that for organisations to thrive they must build supportive communities and act within them. We are committed to helping our clients strengthen their core capabilities for long-term superior performance and lasting positive impact – Doing Well and Doing Good.

Get in touch with us to find out how our team can help you collaborate across boundaries and for the long term, and see the interdependence pertinent to the purpose of your organisation.