Imagine Singapore

Imagine Singapore is about creating hope and possibilities through conversations that matter. It is an effort to bring Singaporeans from all walks of life together to discover the true essence of our strengths, qualities, and spirit that have stood the test of time. It is the discovery of our communities’ hopes and aspirations; verbalised through active dialogues and engagements.

We believe that people grow in the direction of questions we most frequently ask ourselves. Positive images precede positive actions.

Through workshops using a simple and accessible approach of asking questions called Appreciative Inquiry, people conduct interviews that will help in expressing the hopes of our families, friends and neighbours living in Singapore. 

We have experienced the ability of this approach to bring positive changes – the mere act of being asked these questions serves to deepen the quality of connection between people and strengthens every individual’s sense of hope for the future.

We have compiled a roadmap of inspirations and dreams for a journey we have envisioned together:

“Age Unlimited”

What inspired the “Age Unlimited”

“Upturn the Downturn” 

Intro to the “Upturn the Downturn” Inquiry