Facilitators Circle

FC3 is an action-oriented Community of Practice for experienced and aspiring Facilitators. FC3 stands for Facilitators Circle. It is raised to the power of 3, which is an abbreviation for A Community Contributing to a Cause.

Sequoia hosts this community to support our members in sharpening their facilitation skills and to encourage the emergence of our collective aspirations, intelligence and wisdom in the field of Stakeholder Engagement.

Members of this community are doers, who actively participate and generously share their knowledge and experience. They also strive to support each other in contributing to causes that the community collectively cares about.

To build group identity and nourish our sense of community, we come together regularly to:

  • Learn and practice new skills in a safe space 
  • Effect real change through partnering on client projects 
  • Share and celebrate success stories.

Should you be interested to join our Community, please reach out to connect with us