Creating organisations

that are worthy of people’s commitment

Strategic Planning & Innovation

How do we create purposeful, values-based and future ready organisations?

Change & Stakeholder Engagement

How do we increase genuine ownership, acceptance and support for change?

Leadership & Organisational Learning

How do we build healthy workplaces and flourishing communities that are self-renewing and self-sustaining?

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Sequoia Group

Founded in 2001, Sequoia is a Leadership & Organisation Development consultancy firm that delivers customised solutions in the areas of Strategic Planning, Innovation, Change Management, Engaging Leadership & Organisational Learning. Through our suite of accessible models and frameworks, we help transform your organisation into a high-performing, thriving and healthy ecosystem.

Our Purpose

Vision & Values

We aspire to transform workplaces and communities into flourishing ecosystems that enable people to thrive and live fulfilling, meaningful lives. We create organisations that are truly worthy of people’s commitment, building a strong foundation for a highly engaging culture where leaders are committed to delivering lasting positive impact for employees and stakeholders.

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