Our Design Principles

As a practitioner, we know that each client’s context is unique. It is important for us to understand your needs through a partnership approach. We work closely with your team to create bespoke solutions that bring tangible results.

Bring whole systems into the room for open, honest and generative conversations.

Build a safe container for open, honest and generative conversations. As we talk, so will we create. Shared visions are co-constructed realities that emerge from conversations between people who have a stake in their collective future. Creating a safe space or “container” for the conversations is therefore important as trust is fundamental to allow openness and creativity.

People commit to what they help create (Q x A=E).

Generating a high-quality solution (Q) is just as important as the process of garnering change acceptance (A) by people in ensuring effectiveness of results (E). By including people in the conversation as co-creators of the future, they are given a chance to place a stake in it, and this in turn, gives them the natural motivation to make the future happen.

Living a vision is not equal to vision statements.

Building shared visions is not about painting a rich picture of what the desired future will look like, feel like and sound like, in tangible imageries and descriptions, beyond just coming up with a caption or catchphrase. The clearer we are about the ‘what’, the easier is the ‘how’. People will conspire to help you achieve the outcomes once they have internalised the vision.

The process of conversation is what creates the commitment and change.

Immersing in the elements and stories of the future evokes ideas, clarity and energy. As a result, people are better able to act in concert and alignment, with greater speed and confidence.

In times of change, what’s important is not just what is being changed, but also what is being conserved (Humberto Maturana, Chilean Biologist).

A process for creating the best of the future builds upon the foundation of the best of the past and present.